Quick Sketch

I drew this last night as a quick sketch and decided to add some color and what not in Photoshop this morning.

Here’s the original sketch.

Layer 1: The colors blocked in.

Layer 2: Shading added on top.

Layer 3 and 4: “Special Effects” added.

Layer 5: Basic background colors and shapes blocked in.

Layer 6: Background special effects added. This is the final image before I cropped it into the one seen above. I think the composition works better with the crop.

And I thought this looked cool, its just the pencils with the shading and special effects.

Tyler M.



I just finished watch The Avengers for the first time today and one of the characters I was most impressed with was The Hulk. I feel like they really handled him well in this movie, miles ahead of the last 2 Hulks. I remember reading somewhere how this was the first Hulk who was actually modeled after the actor’s likeness so I thought it would be interesting to see what Mark Ruffulo looks like all roided out.


I did this through a combination of messing around with the color levels on him as well as painting in some of the more subtle color changes and highlights. Here is a comparison photo with the original.




So there you go, if you ever wondered what the Hulk would look like as a normal human, now you know.


Tyler M.

When I get going…

I get hooked. Here’s another banner I made for the movie. I also have some WIP shots so you guys can see how I took the production image from the movie and worked it into my lighting setup.

Here’s a shot of the character without any lighting.

Here is a shot just the lighting effects with out the character.

And here’s the finished product.

As you can see I change the tone of the guy a lot just with color. This took me probably about 30 minutes, maybe 45. To be fair though I am working at a pretty small size since its just a banner and that can hide a lot of mistakes that would be more glaring at a larger scale.


Flash Banner

This is my first attempt at making a flash banner. It is also for the Lord Inquisitor movie.

Banner Design

I know its been awhile and I only have a quick one today. This is a banner design I made for The Lord Inquisitor, a Warhammer 40,000 fan movie. I am one of the community managers for it. The other members of the small team and I also have pretty much all of the advertising duties. The Space Marine was not made by me, hes from a screen shot. All I did was the lettering, layout, the red glow and embers and add a orange glow onto the space marine so he looks right in that environment.

Be sure to check out the website for the movie at

Sketch a Day

Hello everyone. I know its been awhile but my time has been taken up by life, work and trying to gain a foot hold in the miniature painting business, but the other day I came across a book. Its a Sketch a Day book, im sure its meant more for people who didn’t get a degree in art, but I figured it would make me draw at least once a day, even if its just a sketch. Well it didn’t start off well. On my first day I was working on painting clients (and my own) stuff all day and then had work at six. While I was getting ready for work I realized I forgot to draw anything, so I made a quick sketch to reflect that. Sufficed to say, it sucked.

Well tonight I made sure I spent some time on it.

Much better. I’m pretty happy with this for being a sketch.

I’m not sure if I am going to upload every picture, but I may do a “Best of” each week, we’ll see.

Until next time, enjoy.

~Tyler M.

New Artwork

Well actually not that new. I finished this almost two months ago but it is for a web publication that is coming out. It was supposed to be released at the start of May, since its almost June and its still not out I figured I would post the art here. If anything it will just build suspense for the publication.

Also you may notice that I added a list of links off to the side. So far there is just one, my second venture into the blogosphere, Mengel Miniatures. Its there to chronicle the hobby side of my artwork. Enjoy.